7 day 6-night Princess Louisa Inlet Itinerary From Vancouver BC

Pre-Board the night before trip (optional)

7 day 6-night Princess Louisa Inlet Itinerary From Vancouver BC  

chatterbox falls

Day 1- After a skipper meeting and crew briefing, it will be time to provision the boat.  We will be right next to the Granville Island market and you will need to get enough food for our trip.  Where we are going there are no stores or restaurants so we will need to be self-sufficient for at least 3 days of our trip.  This will be a shopping experience that you won’t forget.  The market opens at 9am and we will need to get in and out by 10am so we can get underway.  We will be traveling out of Vancouver Harbor and up the Strait of George to the Sunshine Coast.  Here we will make our way into Pender Harbor.  This will be the first night out and we can dine ashore or dip into our supplies and have a BBQ on the deck.  If we are lacking anything or forgot anything now is the time to top off with supplies.

Day 2 – After breakfast, we will head out of Pender Harbor and head east up the Agamemnon channel where we will make one more stop in Egmont at the
Back Eddy Marina.  This is the last outpost before we head up into the Canadian wilderness.  We will be staying the night here and topping off with fuel.   This is a great place to take a hike or do some fishing.  We recommend the trail to the Skookumchuck Rapids.  At the trail’s end, you get a great view of the Skookumchuck Narrows.  This narrow channel can turn into a 7 foot off fall at max flow where you can see extreme surfers riding the wave.  It is also a première scuba diving spot at slack tide.  Return from your hike and take the Skookumchuck burger challenge on the deck at the Back Eddy café. 


Day 3, 4 – Today it is time to put our cell phone away.  We are heading up in the fjords and we will be out of contact for the next few days.  We will be timing our departure with the tide so that we arrive at the entrance to Princess Louisa Inlet at slack tide.  We need it to be slack because this is also a narrows called
Malibu Rapids
and should only be navigated at slack tide.  Before entering through to this hidden paradise and marine sanctuary we will kick out our prawn trap to be retrieved later.   As we enter the inlet we pass right by Club Malibu, a remote kids’ camp perched on the rocks right on this narrow channel entrance.   This is similar to entering Yosemite Valley full of water.  The inlet is a mile wide in the middle and four miles long with 7000 feet snow covered peaks ascending straight up out of the water with waterfalls spilling off their edges.  At the end is Chatterbox Falls where we will be spending the next couple of days hiking, kayaking, exploring with the tender, and enjoying the company of the other trekkers who have come to dock off this sailing Mecca.  It is total relaxation time with an occasional tender ride out to the prawn trap to check for catch or a boat ride to find ice cream.

Day 5 – We will be timing our escape from paradise.  We will need to go through at slack again, pull in the prawn trap for the last time as we start our trip back to civilization.   We will be picking a quiet sheltered spot on our way to drop the hook for the night such as Ballet Bay or Smugglers Cove.

Day 6 – We are now headed back down the sunshine coast to the hustle and bustle of the Vancouver area.  We have our option to make a last stop in a remote area, a quaint harbor such as Gibson’s Marina or Snug Cove, or head into the city and enjoy the city from the water for our last night aboard. 

Day 7 – This will be the final leg of our trip and we need to arrive back to our slip on Granville Island by 10 a.m.

This is a sample Itinerary and we can tailor this trip to meet your needs.
A passport is necessary to travel between the USA and Canada, if you do not have one, you can apply at the local post office.  Also, you may require an additional visa if you are already traveling from outside the country.  Or we can modify the trip to stay within the borders.
Itinerary is subject to change due to weather conditions and other variables at the Captain's discretion.


For more information contact:
Captain Bill Blok
541-753-6395 captainblok@gmail.com

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