Come sail in the
British Virgin Islands
and be one of our crew on a
Moorings 4600 Catamaran

Temperatures average between 75°F and 88°F (24°C – 31°C)



Cat at anchor in BVI

This trip has been cancelled for 2018

This BVI sailing vacation is a way to cruise one of the most beautiful places in the world while being aboard a luxury sailing catamaran as a crewmember.  Sailing is a unique inspiring experience and adventure. It provides a great opportunity to relax with family and friends in the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean.

Many of the British Virgin Islands are mountainous remnants of long-extinct volcanoes, rising from the sea in lush green that captivates the eye. The area includes majestic stone formations and intriguing flooded caves. Coral reefs abound. The natural beauty is a major reason why you would choose a British Virgin Islands yacht charter.  Enjoy tranquil anchorages, picture-perfect beaches, friendly people and enticing local restaurants.


Salon Cat

Watch our 2014 BVI trip

7 day trip


- $2100 per person

-Private boat $13,500

*Plus expenses ranging from $150 to $300 per person.
(All other boat expenses are divided between however many people are confirmed and include:
Food provisioning and port fees)

There is room for a total of 6 crewmembers in 3 cabins

Other expenses that you will incur:
Ferry / taxi
Dining out

Past Crewmember comments:

"I hope there will come a day when we all return to this place and experience the beautiful Caribbean colors, the warm sunshine, fabulous snorkeling, the wind in our hair, good company and happy anticipation of the next anchor spot.  It seems rare when reality exceeds high expectations but our sailing expedition in BVI exceeded my imagination and for me BVI rates as the most wonderful place on Earth." - A. Boisie Id. 

"We spent a magical week aboard a charter with Captain Bill and his lovely wife, Marsha.  We sailed the San Juan Islands and appreciated their knowledge of the waters, the islands and the safe harbors for the night.  Their joy for the trip and surroundings blessed our entire crew.  We were well fed, well rested, and saw so much we can't wait to sail with them again." - T. Chico, Ca 

Youtube about the Moorings 4600 Catamaran


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